Snap On Teeth – The No Treatment Way To A Great Looking Smile!

July 27, 2018

Have you ever looked at someone on TV and felt just a little jealous of their great looking smile? If so, you may have considered having some cosmetic treatment to make your teeth look nicer than they currently do.

If so, there are some excellent cosmetic dental procedures available at our Cheshunt practice  that can make a real difference to your smile. Some of these, such as the teeth whitening treatment, requires no surgery to be performed at all. Others, including veneers, dental implants and crowns do require some surgery. This may deter some patients who, whilst they may be prepared to undergo this for a health-related procedure, are not willing to do so for aesthetic purposes.

For these people, clip on teeth, or to give them their correct name, the ‘snap on smile’ may just be the answer.

What is the ‘snap on smile’?

The snap on smile is a set of hollow teeth which clip directly over your natural teeth and the flexibility of the material used allows them to attach via the undercut at the gum end of your teeth. This means that it should cause little or no discomfort to your gums and no surgery of any kind is required to produce them. At The Lodge Dental Suite we simply take impressions and photographs of your teeth and will show you a variety of styles so that you can choose which suits you most. This information is then passed to a laboratory and your new smile will be ready in usually just under a month.

How are they used?

Although the snap on smile is comfortable to wear, and can actually be worn all day should you wish, many snap on smile wearers remove it when they are at home and then simply clip them over their teeth when attending a social event or similar. Whilst some people use them in this way, they are also useful for patients who may be considering veneers or implants and offer a way to see how you would look with a fully restored set of teeth before you undergo the actual treatment. However, if you do intend to wear them for prolonged periods, it is still important to remove them regularly to facilitate thorough cleaning.

Can I eat when wearing them?

Yes, most definitely. There should be no problem eating your usual diet when wearing them. We would advise new wearers though to eat softer foods initially until you have become used to the wearing experience. They may feel a little strange at first and you may even notice a slight change in your speech, but this will soon return to normal as you become used to how they feel when you are wearing them.

It is important that you do still brush and floss your teeth as you do now. You will also need to keep the snap on smile clean too and we will provide aftercare advice when you have your consultation at The Lodge Dental Suite. Our Cheshunt dental team will also be happy to answer any questions that you have about this particular treatment.

If you would like to see one of our cosmetic dental team and live in the Cheshunt and Waltham Cross area, please arrange an appointment by calling us on 01992 643388. We’ll be delighted to set you on your way to a beautiful new smile!

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