Restoring An Infected Tooth In Cheshunt

February 9, 2018

Root canal treatment is used when the inner parts of a tooth become infected. Without this type of treatment, the tooth would very likely need to be extracted, which is certainly something to avoid if possible.

Unsurprisingly, many people visibly flinch when we mention this particular treatment and given its historical reputation, this is hardly surprising. The good news for patients is that this is a myth that has largely multiplied without justification. Yes, the treatment is not as straightforward as a regular filling, but, with a local anaesthetic, it should be no more uncomfortable than most other invasive procedures.

Getting to the root of it

When the soft materials, which include the nerves, that are located in the root canals of the teeth become infected, it can cause quite severe pain. There is no point in ignoring this discomfort, even if you are able to. It will almost certainly become much worse. If you are in pain, you should always call The Lodge Dental Suite straight away and arrange an emergency appointment.

We will take X-rays to ensure that the area is free of any abscesses before we start. Once we are happy that this is the case, you will be given a local anaesthetic to numb the area. The top part of the tooth will then be removed by our Cheshunt dentist to allow them access to the roots of the tooth. The infected matter will then be removed and the hollow canals thoroughly cleaned to remove any remaining bacteria. These will then be filled using a special filling material known as gutta percha and finally, a crown will be attached. Not only does this improve the aesthetics of the restoration, but also provides additional strength for the treated tooth.

Better than extraction

Hopefully, the above explanation will help to convince patients of the need to have root canal treatment when necessary. Although we could take the tooth out, this would never be our first option. There is every chance, with good aftercare, that your newly treated tooth could give you good service for many years to come. You should, of course, make sure to keep it clean, and we will provide you with full aftercare instructions.

Ongoing monitoring during your regular checkups at our Cheshunt practice are also essential. In the event that you notice any problems with the tooth, please don’t hesitate to call us, and definitely do not ignore it and leave it until your next appointment.

We understand that some people are worried about this procedure, and our friendly team at The Lodge Dental Suite are always happy to discuss this with you and address any concerns that you might have. Please call us on 01992 643388.

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