Restore your smile with dental implants

March 3, 2021

Due to improved techniques and advances in the materials used, dental implants have become a brilliant solution for people who suffer with missing teeth. At The Lodge Dental Suite we use dental implants to support teeth replacement options such as dentures, bridges or crowns and we can help fix your smile, permanently.

Most people immediately think of dentures as a replacement for teeth lost through decay or age.  The unfortunate reality is you can lose a tooth at any point in your life through accident and injury.  Even a simple fall can damage a tooth, or the surrounding gum area, so that it is permanently damaged.  

Facing the world with a gap in your smile caused by a missing tooth, or several missing teeth can have a huge impact on your life.  As well as affecting your appearance it can also make speaking and eating difficult, all of which can really knock your confidence.  

Your natural teeth anchor to the bone in your jaw, which of course prevents movement.  Dentures for example are not fixed to your jaw and they can slip and come loose when talking or eating.  Dental implants act like artificial tooth roots, the implant itself is a small, strong post which is placed directly into your jaw and holds your dentures, bridge, or crown securely in place. A dental implant can replace one tooth, or several implants can support dentures so that they stay secure all day long.

Although artificial, a dental implant will function just like a natural tooth. restoring your smile and allowing you to speak and chew normally.

The Lodge Dental Suite has been placing dental implants for patients across Cheshunt and Waltham Cross, Waltham Abbey, Enfield, and Hertfordshire with fantastic, life changing results.  We can transform your smile and renew your confidence – getting dental implants can really change the way you feel about yourself.  

As dental implant treatment is unique to each patient the costs vary depending on how many implants you need and whether you need any treatment prior to placement (such as a bone graft).  We are committed to keeping our treatments affordable and to help with this we offer a range of Dental Membership Plans so that you can spread the cost of dental implants.

Contact The Lodge Dental Suite today to make your appointment, we are currently offering a free initial video consultation so that we can assess your dental issues without you even having to leave your home!

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