Let's focus on Invisalign

October 5, 2020

If you’re considering teeth straightening, then Invisalign® may be the perfect treatment for you.  At The Lodge Dental Suite, we have launched a brand-new, Invisalign focused website designed to inform you about discreet and simple tooth straightening, and how this amazing treatment works.  The website is packed with images and step by step guides and you can see for yourself the fantastic results that Invisalign can achieve.  Straightening your teeth has never been so clear!

To fully showcase Invisalign Clear Aligners we have included videos and diagrams to advise how the treatment process works, what orthodontic issues Invisalign can address, and a full guide to the patient Invisalign journey. We feel it is important to fully understand the process as well as the amazing benefits Invisalign offers before signing up.

Whilst it’s beneficial to understand some technical dental terms used during Invisalign treatment, we have also provided a comprehensive list of FAQs answering as many questions as we can on the personal side of the Invisalign treatment journey.  If you are still unsure of any part of the Invisalign process, or just want to talk it through with our registered Invisalign providers, The Lodge Dental Suite are currently offering a free first consultation with a dentist via video link.

Invisalign treatment can last between 3 and 18 months and will consist of multiple meetings with your dentist.  During treatment, you will get to know our friendly and accomplished team here very well and you can be assured that we always prioritise your dental health and overall care.  Our Invisalign provider is Dr Melisha Govender and you can read about her education and experience in dentistry on our website.

If you want to see exactly how the Invisalign system can help you then you can sign up to use SmileView.  Simply take a smiling selfie and in 60 seconds we can show you how Invisalign Clear Aligners can improve your smile. We will then be in touch to see if you’re interested in booking a no-obligation FREE Smile Assessment and receive an enhanced 3D Smile Visualisation as part of your appointment.

Teeth straightening is a worthwhile treatment, but we also know it is also a significant investment, you will find details of all our treatment plans, patient finance and loan repayment plans on the website, helping you to spread the cost of your Invisalign treatment.

If you are considering Invisalign to straighten your teeth and improve your smile, and your confidence, do visit https://clearbracescheshunt.co.uk/  and see for yourself how Invisalign can give you the perfect smile!

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