Keeping your family safe

April 1, 2020

How to keep your family safe    

Many of our patients have been asking us how they can protect their family from the risk of cross infection during this time of social distancing when we have been told to stay at home and are spending long periods of time with our loved ones. Our clinical team have put together some simple ideas that you can easily adopt at home to reduce the chances of cross infection.    

  1. If you brush a family members teeth, wash your hands before and after caring for their teeth.  
  2. Keep all toothbrushes separate from each other so that they are not touching
  3. If you share an electric toothbrush base using different heads, it may be worth investing in additional bases or manual toothbrushes for the short term to help prevent the spread of any illnesses  
  4. If you have been unwell and are on the mend, its time to change the head on your electric toothbrush or change your manual toothbrush, as bacteria in your old brush may re-infect you  
  5. Regularly remove the head on your electric toothbrush and clean the base as recommended by the manufacturer  
  6. Wash your hands before and after your hands go in your mouth  
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