Four Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Having Dental Implants

September 14, 2018

Using dental implants to replace missing teeth is becoming a more widely known procedure across the UK. Consequently, more and more patients are making enquiries about them at our Cheshunt dental practice.

Although many patients do go on to have successful placements, others sometimes opt not to have them, using dentures instead to fill the gaps in their teeth. Although having dentures fitted is a non invasive means of doing this; quite a few  wearers find that they can be somewhat uncomfortable and also inconvenient at times.

With this in mind, and to encourage those who may be wavering in making a decision, here are four very good reasons why you shouldn’t worry about having your dental implants placed at The Lodge Dental Suite.

Careful planning

A very important part of any dental implant placement procedure comes before the treatment itself starts. It is very important that you are thoroughly checked for any other oral health issues which might affect the procedure. For example, if you have gingivitis or periodontitis, this will need to be treated before we are able to place an implant. Failing to do so would greatly increase the risk of the implant failing.

We will also make sure that we are up to date with your medical records and request that you do let us know of any changes in your situation, including in your medication.

We will then use 3D scanners and x rays to determine a) if you have sufficient bone available to place the implants into, and b) the exact position that they need to be placed. An incorrectly placed implant would be problematic and may also affect the nerves in your jawbone. With careful planning, all of this can be avoided. The pre procedure time is also a good opportunity to ask any questions that you have, and we can also advise options, such as a bone graft, should you be lacking sufficient bone structure to carry out the placement straight away.

Little or no discomfort

Despite how the procedure may sometimes appear to the layperson, it should actually prove to be relatively comfortable. You should not feel any pain during the procedure, although you may experience some sensations as we proceed. The local anaesthetic used means that any discomfort is minimised and the procedure really is nothing to be afraid of. We are always happy to talk patients through the procedure and explain any areas of it that may concern you.

Skilled implant dentists

In addition to the highly effective local anaesthetic, patients of The Lodge Dental Suite can relax in the knowledge that all of our implant dentists are fully trained and have undergone many years of additional education in order to be able to place them. We also make sure to keep up to date with the latest implant research and update our training, when appropriate.

Easy aftercare

Unlike dentures, once the procedure is complete and the necessary time allowed for the titanium implant and bone to fuse, in a process known as ‘osseointegration’; you can more or less think of your new implant as you would do a natural tooth. Unlike dentures, which have to be taken out to be cleaned, or a bridge, which requires special care to clean beneath it, you can simply continue with your regular cleaning routine.

We will discuss your cleaning regimen with you during your consultation, and may suggest ways that you can improve how you look after your teeth and gums. An implant won’t decay like a natural tooth, but it can be affected by changes to the bone in which it is placed, and also the tissues surrounding it. It is therefore critical that you keep your gums in good health to avoid periodontitis and peri-implantitis, both of which pose a major threat to dental implants and are probably the biggest two factors in implants that fail (1).

With good brushing, flossing and six monthly scale and polishes, provided by our hygienist, your dental implant should give you many trouble free years, very often, twenty or more of them. As mentioned earlier, we are more than happy to discuss this treatment with anyone who may be considering having dental implants. We feel that, after you have spoken to our implant team, you will feel reassured about both the procedure and the benefits of having it done.

If you would like to arrange a consultation at our Cheshunt practice, we invite you to call us on 01992 643 388.

Dr Guy Sharon is a dentist at The Lodge Dental Suite (GDC 187888)

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