Don’t Like Seeing The Dentist?

May 9, 2018

The vast majority of patients are friendly and polite, but some unfortunately have an in-built fear of coming to see us or simply don’t prioritise it in their busy lives.

We completely understand and are sympathetic to these concerns and below, our Cheshunt dental team look at a couple of the more common reasons why some people avoid the dentist and discuss how important it actually is to attend.

It’s going to be painful?

This is probably the number one fear of most dental phobic patients. It is perhaps understandable that patients are concerned about this, given the fact that our teeth are located so close to other prime senses such as sight, sound and taste. The sound of the drill so close to our ear obviously amplifies the sound and the sight of a dentist, just a short distance away from our face, can be quite unsettling for some….


It is important to remember that we don’t perform dental procedures on patients unnecessarily and restorative procedures are carried out when there is a real need. In many cases, not only will it help to restore the function of your teeth, but also prevent the need for an even more invasive procedure further down the line if it were not treated early enough. With regards to a patient feeling pain, this is very rare. Whilst there may be a certain level of discomfort during some procedures, this should be relatively minimal with the use of a local anaesthetic. In many cases, it is actually the anticipation of pain, rather than any actual discomfort which causes the patient distress.

I don’t have time and my teeth are fine

We have heard these words before, and you may possibly have found yourself uttering them too? To address the first point; yes, many of us do lead busy lives and finding time for ‘extras’ such as dental visits can be a little difficult. You should never neglect your oral health though. Not only can it mean less attractive teeth, but also a loss of function and, potentially,  a less fulfilling life.

If your teeth are in good condition, then that is great. If you don’t see a dentist on a regular basis though, there is a very good chance that problems will develop which may not be particularly noticeable at the time, but which, unless treated, will lead to more extensive problems. Relatively minor issues such as a small crack in a tooth can lead to bacteria entering the tooth and causing decay, or even a root canal infection.

At The Lodge Dental Suite, we treat patients, not only from Cheshunt, but also also nearby locations like Enfield and Waltham Cross. We offer a friendly approach to dentistry and are happy to talk to any patients who genuinely do fear their upcoming dental visits. Above all, remember that your oral health is important and has even been linked with other illnesses such as heart problems and Alzheimer’s, so, avoiding dental visits could mean damage to more than just your teeth!

Our receptionists will help you to arrange an appointment with one of our friendly Cheshunt dental team. Please call us today on 01992 643388.

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