Discreet, And Near Invisible Teeth Straightening

February 15, 2018

You may have considered having your teeth straightened in the past, but have been put off the idea by the thought of having to wear dental braces.

Perhaps a friend or relative has worn them and told you of discomfort and perhaps even embarrassment? Perhaps enough to put most people off, but is that really the case?

This can leave a dilemma; suffer unsightly braces, or put up with crooked teeth for life? Fortunately, with modern orthodontics, this is no longer a decision that has to be made, simply because the latest braces are so much more comfortable and discreet than traditional versions.

Clear Aligners

At The Lodge Dental Suite in Cheshunt, we are pleased to offer our patients the opportunity to have straight teeth without the inconvenience of traditional ‘train track’ braces. A revolutionary new system known as the Clear Aligner can now be used instead. It has a number of benefits which we feel our patients will be interested to hear.


Clear Aligners are, as their name suggests, transparent. They are made from a medical grade plastic and fit directly over the teeth. These are made for each individual patient from scans that are taken of the teeth. A number of trays are then produced which are worn for a period of time, with each one working to reposition the teeth just a little towards their correct position before being replaced with the next in the series. The near invisibility of these trays means that only a close inspection will reveal that you are wearing them.


If you think the above is good news, we are sure that you will also be delighted to know that the aligners can also be removed by yourself. This should only be done when eating meals and for cleaning your teeth. You can remove them for other occasions, such as a job interview, but it is important to be aware that removing them too often will extend the treatment time necessary to get your teeth straight.


Traditional ‘wire and bracket’ braces have a nasty habit of trapping food and bacteria in very difficult to reach places. This means that your teeth and braces are more difficult to keep clean and you are exposed to a higher risk of tooth decay and gum disease. With the Clear Aligner, you simply remove the tray when you clean your teeth. Do make sure to keep the trays clean too, in order to prevent any bacterial build up on them.

Although not as fast acting as some braces, the Clear Aligner’s near invisibility and convenience means that wearing them is not a stressful experience and, after a little while, you may even forget that you are wearing them at all.

If you have uneven teeth and live in the Cheshunt area, why not call the Lodge Dental Suite on 01992 643 388 and arrange an appointment to see our cosmetic dentist to discuss a treatment plan? We’re looking forward to setting you on your way to a lovely new smile!

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