A clear way to straighten your teeth

October 8, 2018

Invisible braces – sounds amazing doesn’t it?  It’s a clear way to straighten your teeth without the traditional style metal braces.  In this month’s blog we’ll explore one of the best methods of discreet teeth straightening available at The Lodge Dental Suite.

Beautiful, straight teeth improve your appearance, and of course your confidence.  If your teeth turn in slightly, or look overcrowded, it can really affect the way you feel about smiling.  Crooked teeth are also difficult to keep clean and this can have a serious effect on your tooth and gum health.  

Most people imagine having to wear an unsightly metal fixed brace to straighten their teeth.  The range of clear teeth straightening methods available at The Lodge Dental Suite are affordable and will not interfere with your lifestyle - long gone are the days where ‘train track’ braces were the only option!

‘Invisible Braces’ Clear Aligners are just that, practically invisible!  The clear brace is transparent and smooth, and there are no screws or brackets.  The aligner will not interfere with your lifestyle, it has a very comfortable feel in your mouth and when you eat you can simply take the aligner out.  Most people won’t even notice your teeth are being straightened, you can talk and laugh as normal without feeling self-conscious!

Interested?  Well, The Lodge Dental Suite will be holding an open day on Saturday 9th November where we can tell you everything you need to know about the revolutionary way to straighten your teeth.  We will have some really exciting offers available on the day, including a free consultation, a free 3D smile simulation, £500 off treatment plan, free teeth whitening and a free removable retainer.

Come and meet our expert team and find out how we can help you achieve perfectly straight teeth, you’re already on your way to a dazzling smile!

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